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Pure Plank: Revolutionize Planking

Pure Plank: Revolutionize Planking

Unleash your core strength like never before with Pure Plank: the ergonomic, cushioned, & boredom-free core training revolution. Experience ultimate comfort, safety & stability with removable handles. Track progress, access tailored workouts with the app, & elevate your core training to new heights!

Unleash Your Core Power with Confidence & Safety

Tired of lackluster core workouts? Say goodbye to discomfort, poor form, and limited engagement with traditional planks. Pure Plank is your solution. Experience ultimate comfort, maintain proper form, and engage your core muscles like never before. With its innovative design, featuring soft rubber padding and ergonomic handles, you can unlock your core power with confidence and safety.

Unparalleled Comfort: Soft Rubber Padding

Pure Plank transforms core workouts with an exceptional focus on comfort. The signature soft rubber padding eases pressure on your forearms, making even the longest planks more comfortable. This carefully crafted padding reduces irritation and paves the way for more productive, longer-lasting exercises.

Master Stability with Ergonomic Handles

Pure Plank's ergonomic handles take your planking to the next level. Designed for stability and support, they provide a secure grip and promote proper form. No more slips, only effective planks that boost your confidence. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned planker, ergonomic handles elevate your experience and help you achieve optimal results. Take control of your planking journey and unlock the full potential of your core with Pure Plank's ergonomic handles.

An App To Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Workout 

Pure Plank’s globally available fitness app changes your core game. Experience customized workouts, interactive features, and gamified elements that make planking fun and engaging. Track progress, set goals, and stay motivated on your journey to a stronger core. Commit to just 3 minutes a day and see tangible results within just 30 days.

Achieve Perfect Planks with Precision

Don't let imprecise timing hinder your planking progress. Accurate timing is crucial in planking to ensure that you engage your core muscles effectively and achieve optimal results. With Pure Plank's digital timer, you can stay focused, push your limits, and make every second count towards a stronger core.

Plank Anywhere, Anytime

PuPure Plank breaks down barriers with its slim design. It enables the freedom to enjoy planking anytime, anywhere—be it at home, in the park, at the gym, or on your travels. This portable workout companion is easy to carry and store, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle. Embrace this convenience and flexibility, and make every place your perfect planking space with Pure Plank.

From Wrestling to Reinvention

When injuries challenged pro-wrestling legends Adam Copeland and Jay Reso, they turned to planking for recovery. This full-body workout not only rebuilt their strength but also inspired Pure Plank. Born from resilience and a belief in reinvention, Pure Plank invites you to redefine health and wellness through planking.

Pure Plank Essentials: A Peek Inside the Box

Get ready to redefine your planking experience with Pure Plank. Here's what you will find inside the box:

●     Pure Plank

●     Quick Start Guide

●     2x Non-slip Handles

●     Digital Timer


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