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Pyramid bungalow

Experience the ancien energy in modern building

In cooperation with nature

The wood in pyramid forms a stable construction for the Hemp that creates perfect insulation, which Cork rounds off with its beneficial sheath. We really mean Sustainable

In cooperation with nature


Old techniques and modern ways for concrete stability. wood from renewable sources joined with special profiles designed just for this purpose

In cooperation with nature


Hemp, as a seasonal plant, provides us with new material every year, and the possibilities are unlimited

In cooperation with nature


As a natural soft envelope, it has a beneficial effect by mitigating the building's echoes and making it watertight

In cooperation with nature


Resistant to earthquakes, fire and moisture, this building is a healthy solution for the future of construction

House / Bungalow / Cottage

The pyramid is versatile but also unique. Our mission is to deliver the cooperation of man and nature through object that mirrors nature in itself. We just need to listen in the depths of ourselves, and we can build a peaceful home from it and to connect with nature, because that's what it is

Touch the beauty

Experience the touch of nature directly from her, with a view of the ancient forest, the stars and a beautiful morning awakening with the first rays of the sun...... Rest your soul and body and recharge yourself for a bright future


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