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Never Lose Your Phone Again

Never Lose Your Phone Again

Ring Your Phone

Ring your misplaced phone and tablet from QEPR Fobto and easily identify their location.

Never Lose Your Phone Again

Track From Mapview

Quickly locate your lost belongings with mapview from QEPR App, website or iWatch.

Never Lose Your Phone Again

Smart Separation Alert

Be reminded to take your phone or attached items with you before you lose them.

Proactive Finding Power

Leave your apartment knowing that you have your essentials on you. QEPR uses smart separation alerts to let you know if you leave your phone or keys behind.

Detachable Fob For Valet Parking

Leave your keys for valet parking without deactivating the QEPR fob and stay aware of your phone location while having fun.

Phone Tag: Attach And Be Notified When Found

Once your lost phone is found the finder can scan the tag and send a notification to your trusted contacts so they let you know where your phone is.

QEPR Specifications

Water Resistant

High quality and durable.

Replacable Battery

Track for a year without charging.

Super Loud

106db, can be heard in 50 feet/ 15 meters

Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth range: 131 feet/40 meters

Besides tracking your things with QEPR App you can

  • Pair with iWatch
  • Know when it's time to replace the battery
  • Add trusted contacts to be notified of found phone
  • Create a safe zone in you home,

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