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The Adventurous Wireless Charging Crossbody

The Perfect Travel Companion

All of your travel essentials can be safely kept nearby in a secure bag with the power to charge your phone wirelessly. Quaq makes traveling easier, letting you travel lighter, with more space, and protection from the elements, thieves, and dead batteries.

Stay Charged on Your Travels

You charge your Quaq at home on the charging pad, your Quaq wirelessly charges your phone on the go. With up to 10,000 mAh charge capacity, you can fully charge your iPhone 12 up to 3 times.

Home for Your Phone

Never leave your phone somewhere to charge again. Just put your phone in its designated pocket for instant wireless charging and safekeeping.

What’s in the Box

Two-way Wireless Charging Crossbody, Wireless Charging Pad & Cable, Protective Dust Bag, The Adapter

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