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QuickLay Towel - The Smart Way to Enjoy The Beach!

QuickLay Towel - The Smart Way to Enjoy The Beach!

Embrace the Outdoors with QuickLay's Innovative Wind & Sand-Resistant Quick-Dry Beach Towel!

The Next Evolution in Outdoor Fun!

Ever had a beach day or picnic plans ruined by wind tussles while setting up your towel or blanket? Tired of the setup and cleanup struggle? And don't even mention that sandy towel! 

The Next Evolution in Outdoor Fun!

Enjoy the Outdoors in Style!

Introducing the game-changing QuickLay Beach Towel! Say goodbye to these issues for good. QuickLay is your new sidekick – it's breeze-proof, sand-resistant, and sets up and folds away in a flash. With QuickLay, you'll be carefree, save time, and rock that beach like a superstar!

Unleash Instant Fun!

Ever wished for a beach day without the setup headaches and tedious takedowns? Well, rejoice, because the QuickLay Beach Towel is here to turn your beach experience into a breeze of excitement!


Picture this: with a magical touch, it pops up and gets ready in seconds, sparing you the hassle of traditional beach prep. No more wrestling with umbrellas or struggling with intricate setups – QuickLay has you covered, quite literally!

Pack Up in Seconds!

As the sun sets and the day winds down, QuickLay remains your loyal beach companion. Folding it back is as thrilling as the day itself – a beachside ninja move in a simple 1-2-3 rhythm. Toss it into the carry bag included, and voilà – you're all set for stress-free transport or easy storage. 


QuickLay isn't just a beach towel; it's your ticket to uninterrupted, unbridled fun by the waves. Say goodbye to beach hassles and hello to the excitement that QuickLay brings to your beach days!

Wind & Sand-Resistant for Every Outdoor Adventure

Say goodbye to beach hassles with QuickLay Beach Towel! Designed to resist wind and sand, it guarantees a carefree day by the waves. Enjoy the beach breeze without the worry – QuickLay keeps relaxation simple and stress-free.

Rapid Drying, Maximum Comfort

Wrap yourself in the cozy comfort of our premium-quality Quick Dry Microfiber! This super-light material is like a gentle hug for your skin and dries in a snap. No more waiting around with a damp towel – enjoy softness and speedy drying for a comfy, carefree experience!

Adventure-Ready Bag with Handy Accessory Pocket

Gear up for the ultimate adventure with our stylin' carry bag! Not only does it come with adjustable straps for a comfy fit, but there's also a nifty accessory pocket – perfect for stashing your beach essentials or secret treasures (we won't tell!). Stay fabulous on the move with a bag that's as fun as your next escapade!

Snap & Fresh - Detachable and Machine Washable

Our Snap & Fresh feature lets you snap off the towel from the frame for a quick rendezvous with your washing machine. No fuss, just fun – because QuickLay is all about making beach days a breeze!

Relax in Comfort or Immerse in Serenity with XL!

Choose your perfect beach companion with QuickLay's two-size options. Our standard 30" x 60" size, a classic beach towel, embraces you in serene comfort. For those craving extra space, the 42" x 72" extra-large option provides a euphoric expanse. Dive into relaxation with the size that suits your beach daydreams.

Comfy & Durable: Quality Craftsmanship!

Indulge in top-tier quality with QuickLay, where every thread reflects excellence. Crafted in the Republic of Colombia, renowned for its premium textiles and clothing, our beach towels boast unparalleled durability and comfort. Our QuickLay beach towels feature stainless steel snaps, ensuring they remain corrosion-free even in the salty embrace of seawater. Experience the epitome of quality, where meticulous workmanship meets the expertise of a region celebrated for its textile mastery.

A Versatile Outdoor Essential for Every Adventure

Whether you're sunbathing, picnicking, or stargazing, our versatile towel is the ultimate adventure sidekick. Dive into the joy of outdoor escapades with QuickLay – where every activity becomes a memory in the making!


Regular Towel: 30" x 60"
X-Large Towel (XL): 42" x 72"
Towel Material: Durable Quick Dry Microfiber
Frame Material: Polypropylene
Snap & Dry Snaps: Stainless Steel

Quality quick-dry microfiber towel

Patented quick-deploy foldable frame

Stylish carry bag w/ adjustable shoulder straps
   and large accessory pocket

Our Story

Our story unfolds on the sun-drenched shores of Miami, where two brothers dared to dream. Witnessing the struggle of beachgoers with cumbersome setups and lengthy pack-ups, we couldn't shake the desire to make their experience better. With a spark of inspiration and a dream in our hearts, we fashioned a prototype from household materials. To our astonishment, it worked like a charm, capturing the gaze of everyone on the beach.

The quest to bring our vision to life took us across the globe. While China held promise, the search for quality led us to South America. At a textile trade show in Colombia, we discovered not only the exceptional quality of textiles but also the unparalleled craftsmanship. Enchanted by the country and its people, we decided to make Colombia the birthplace of our creation.

The journey to find the right manufacturers was no easy feat, but after relentless effort, we pieced together a team that shared our passion. A stellar textile factory in Colombia became the beating heart of our project. It's been an arduous trek, but fueled by your support, we're thrilled to embark on the next chapter – the final production. Together, let's turn dreams into reality and redefine the beach experience for all. Thank you for being part of our inspiring journey!


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