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RAX: The Next Gen. Smart Outdoor Glasses

RAX: The Next Gen. Smart Outdoor Glasses

Ditch the headphones and glasses that constantly fall off every time you move. Get RAX, the UV+ protection sunglasses with built-in Open-Ear Wireless Speakers, touch volume control, song selection, 8 hours of battery life, a microphone, and enhanced customizability with lenses for every occasion.

No Buttons Required

Stop reaching for your phone to change the song while riding your bike, simply tap one side of your sunglasses to change the song and glide your finger across the other side to raise the volume. Enjoy the outdoors and all your outdoor activities with RAX, minimize multitasking, and have your music your way every time without any of the usual distractions. 

Unmatched Style

A frameless design for a full field of view, adjustable nose support for enhanced comfort, thin legs for compatibility with most helmets, and interchangeable lenses for every occasion make the RAX glasses the ideal sunglasses for you, whether you’re an athlete, outdoor lover or an active person. 

No Nonsense Safety

Let’s not kid ourselves, our goal is to keep you safe. Without frames, blind spots are essentially eliminated and you can get a greater field of view. With speakers playing music towards your ears, you get all the music you love without losing your bearings with headphones that block out important sounds you should be hearing.


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