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Raynolse - The Double Under Tracking Jump Rope

Raynolse - The Double Under Tracking Jump Rope

Precise Tracking Bluetooth Jump Rope. The last jump rope you will ever need.



Feature 01.

Double Under tracker


Feature 02.

90° Angled Design & Diamond Grip


Feature 03.

Smart App & Tracking Histories


Feature 04.

Handles vibrate

Single & Double Under Tracker

For the first time ever, Raynolse tracks Single & Double under and also counts your failures. Raynolse's Bluetooth receiver tracks up to 30 jumps per second, It tracks every single jump you do.

Smoother Rotation & Anodized Diamond Grip

The Double bearings along with the 90° angled design allow you to jump to your best performance. The Unique anodized diamond pattern offers you the best grip.

Smarter Cardio with Raynolse Smart App

Choose 3 different workout modes and monitor your histories all at once.

Replaceable Cables and Universal Connector

You can use any cable you want, PVC or Steel cable from 2~5mm

Vibrating Handles

Raynolse alerts you with different vibration patterns.


  • 164 x 22.8 mm (6.45 x 0.89 in)
  • 90g x 2 (0.198lb x2)
  • 3.7V 230mAh

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