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The Rector: Reliable Never Looked So Good

The Rector: Reliable Never Looked So Good

Designed to Last

Never worry about what life throws at you. Crafted from Sapphire Glass and Carbon Fiber, Rector can withstand the rough outdoors and still keep its signature sleek look. As long as this watch can tick, it will look in style. And this watch will tick forever.

The Features You Need

  • Designed to complement a man’s classic look
  • Highest quality craftsmanship
  • Made with Sapphire Glass
  • Will withstand the worst weather and sunniest beac

Timeless Style

No look is complete without a watch. A man needs a watch that reflects his exquisite taste and standards. The Rector by Eliyus will compliment your aesthetic with a classical touch. The Tonneau curve, tasteful color schemes, and carbon fiber dial with a cutaway are an elegant combination for a timepiece.

Sapphire Glass Face

Long recognized for its durability and scratch resistance, the sapphire glass used for the Rector by Eliyus watch face adds a unique high-end touch to your watch.

Reliable never looked so good

Featuring a carbon fiber cutaway dial, Rector by Eliyus commences an ultimate timepiece for the ones looking for a combination of luxury, lightness, and aesthetics.

Nothing Beats the Basics

  • The Rector is essential to your collection
  • Timeless design goes with any classic look
  • No bells or whistles
  • A face that catches the eye

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