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Relm: The First Smart Scented Wax Warmer

Relm: The First Smart Scented Wax Warmer

Relm is the next evolution in aromatherapy; Featuring smart home connectivity, no-spill wax removal, custom scheduling, aroma profiles, adjustable mood lighting and more.

Smart Home Ready

No Spill Wax Removal

Auto Scheduling

Mobile App

Smart Home Ready

Seamlessly connect with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home. Give voice commands, check wax life, and adjust light settings quickly and easily.

Your wax. Your way.

Whether you’re looking for the health benefits of essential oils, or the nostalgic scents that take you back in time. Our soy wax melts are sure to help you create the perfect environment. The best part? They're delivered to your front door every month.

"Did I blow out the candle?"

Never worry about candles again. Relm is the first smart scented wax warmer with safety features including location based toggles, smart timers, and remote control through the Relm app.

Wax that lasts

Spend less money on wax. Relm uses "wax feathering" to automatically optimize temperature - increasing both scent distribution and wax life.

Schedules built around you.

Smart schedule gives you the ability to fully automate Relm, allowing you to preheat, use location based toggles, adjust lighting, and enable wax feathering all without lifting a finger.

Memories. Aromatherapy. You.

We all have one scent that takes us back in time. So why settle for aromatherapy that ignores the connection between scent and memory? With Aroma Profiles, you can track your scent usage and discover memories associated with each aroma.


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