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Relm: The First Smart Scented Wax Warmer

Relm: The First Smart Scented Wax Warmer

Discover the future of aromatherapy with smart connectivity, custom scheduling and much more. Embrace a safer, smarter, and more convenient way to fragrance your home and create memories with Relm

"Did I Blow Out the Candle?"

Never worry about candles again. Relm is the first smart scented wax warmer with safety features including location based toggles, smart timers, and remote control through the Relm app.

Simple Use with Smart Connectivity

Seamlessly connect with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home. Give voice commands, check wax life, and adjust light settings quickly and easily.

No Spill Wax Removal

No more scraping, freezing, or pouring hot wax with Relm's 3-step wax removal system. Just twist. Remove. Replace.

Wax that lasts

Spend less and get more with wax feathering. By gradually cooling and warming your wax, Relm extends the wax life and scent redistribution. Paired with Relm’s long-lasting waxes, you'll captivate aromas without constant replacements.

Your Personal Aroma Profile

We all have that one scent that takes us down the memory lane. With Relm, you can light up those memories using your own aroma profile. Add colors, music and photos to your aroma profiles via its dedicated application, to create a stronger bond with your favorite scents.

Aromas At Your Fingertips The Relm App

Designed to minimize complex smart home setups and maximize experience, the Relm app is your new aromatherapy command center. Control sessions remotely, personalize your schedules and track your wax life with the Relm app.

Your Wax, Your Way

Whether you're seeking the therapeutic benefits of essential oils or scents that kindle nostalgia, our sustainable,  high-quality wax melts are crafted to enhance your surroundings. Receive your Relm’s soy wax delivered right to your door, or use your own wax. The choice is yours.


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