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The world's first wearable allergy stopper

The world's first wearable allergy stopper

Introducing Respiray Wear A+. Enjoy clean, allergen-free air – wherever you are.

Protection from all airborne allergens

Protection from all airborne allergens

Pet dander

Protection from all airborne allergens


Protection from all airborne allergens

Dust mites

Protection from all airborne allergens

Fungal spores

The problem with airborne allergies

From pets to pollen, allergies are never pleasant. They can get in the way of your everyday life, with watery eyes, an itchy nose and sneezing making everything harder. How can they be prevented?

The solution

A convenient wearable device that filters out allergens in the air you breathe, Respiray Wear A+ provides effective, direct protection wherever you go. It’s also an ideal alternative to allergy medication.

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How does Respiray Wear A+ work?

The device takes in air, directing it through a highly effective HEPA filter that removes all airborne allergens. The filtered air is then directed towards your mouth and nose, creating an allergen-free zone around your face and ending your worries about indoor allergies.

Pre-order your Respiray Wear A+ now – only $79 USD

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Reviews: the Wear A+ experience

We asked our field-test participants to share their experiences. Here’s what some of them thought about our allergy stopper:

“It was a bit unusual at first to wear something around my neck, however I started liking it once I noticed how much better it is to breathe with this device. My fiancée also used it for her cat dander and dust allergies, and I give a 5/5 rating for the prototype that we tested. I am looking forward to receiving the final product.” – Karl

“I have a strong dust allergy – this is the reason why I wanted to test the new product. I used it to clean my home, and I had almost no allergic reactions. I also tried it at work and I was amazed to see how much better it makes it to breathe in a dusty environment.” – Annaliis

“I’m allergic to basically all animals. I love animals but when I pet them or sit where they’ve been, I get a horrible allergic reaction. I was glad to test this Estonian innovation because it really worked – when visiting my parents, I could play with their two dogs that usually make me sneeze and cry. With Wear A+ I didn’t even sneeze once. As soon as this product becomes available to purchase, I’ll buy it without hesitation.” – Martin

The living proof

Field tests have shown that Respiray Wear A+ helps 90% of people to overcome or reduce their airborne allergic reactions. 

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0.55 lbs (250 g)


8 hours with regular mode, rechargeable via a USB-C port (charging time 1.5 hours)


Regular mode: 2.5 CFM (70 l/min) Turbo mode: 4.6 CFM (130 l/min)


4.7 x 7.8 x 2.7 in (12 x 20 x 6 cm)

Brought to you by…

Respiray Wear A+ has been developed by a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and designers who have worked for more than two years and created hundreds of prototypes to refine the product’s design and optimize its effectiveness.

When will your Respiray Wear A+ be available?

We're working on it. Respiray Wear A+ will be featured on Indiegogo in January 2023, where we'll be raising funds to make the product commercially available as soon as we can. Leave your email address below to get access to the limited early bird offer now and be first in line to receive the world’s best wearable allergy stopper. PS: We don't like spam emails and we promise to never send any to your inbox.

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