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Reusable Filtration Mask with 4 Wearing Modes

Reusable Filtration Mask with 4 Wearing Modes

Proudly supporting Ocean Conservancy to reduce ocean litter through the "Fighting for Trash Free Seas" program.

Stay Fresh

Voka mask's twin-core antimicrobial Agion® filter with Silver Ion technology inactivates microbes to prevent build up over time. Keep it fresh!

Breathe Easy, Valve Free

Voka is valve free. Choosing no valve reduces the amount of air expelled without passing through the antibacterial filter.

Stay Dry

The outer filter layer of the Voka mask is a water repelling polyester that has been AATCC 22 water spray tested. Such water repellency is designed to reduce the penetration by droplets and associated wetting of the material.

Reduce Mask & Ocean Waste

Voka is a multi-layer mask with a filter that uses uses Agion® Silver Ion technology. It inactivates 99.9% of microbes and bacteria within 24 hours even after 30 washes.

Reduce Waste, Not Quality

The responsibly produced Areca media have been lab tested showing they maintain antibacterial efficacy even after 30 washes.

Save the oceans with Voka

Voka proudly supports Ocean Conservancy’s Champions for Seachange program in reducing ocean litter. By choosing Voka mask you make your contribution in not only reducing disposable mask waste but also saving oceans.

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