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RYDL X-CARD: Rechargeable Ultra-Slim Tracker

RYDL X-CARD: Rechargeable Ultra-Slim Tracker

Losing things sucks, be it your wallet, your luggage, your car, or your loved ones, RYDL X-CARD can keep track of all of them. Operating with Apple Find My technology, this sleek card shows you where your belongings and loved ones are. RYDL X-Card is rechargeable, easy to use, and private—just like

Wireless Rechargeability

While other trackers come with limited battery capacity, requiring either battery replacements or the purchase of a new tracker, RYDL X-CARD is different. It's environmentally friendly and ensures lifetime usage without ever running out of power, thanks to the wireless rechargeable RYDL X-CARD! Unlike traditional trackers, the X-CARD eliminates the need for batteries—pop it on a Qi charger for a quick 15-minute boost, and you're set for a whole year.


Every year, approximately 8 out of every 1000 bags are lost. In Germany alone, 100,000 children are reported missing annually, and in the United States, the number climbs to 460,000. With RYDL X-CARD, you can safeguard your belongings by discreetly hiding it in your luggage, suitcase, or even your children's wallet or jacket pocket. With a pack of X-Cards you can keep track of your most precious items and loved ones, never having to worry about their whereabouts.

What’s in the Box

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Programmable NFC Chip

Besides its sleek, ultra-slim design and wireless rechargeability, the RYDL X-CARD has a nifty programmable NFC chip packed into its tiny frame. Think of it as your personalizable tech sidekick. You can program it to suit your specific needs, adding an extra layer of customization and security. It's like giving your tracker a little superpower!


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