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S1 Circle: Most Powerful Compact Bluetooth Speake

S1 Circle: Most Powerful Compact Bluetooth Speake

Crystal Clear Sound| Implosive Bass|BLUETOOTH 5.3|True wireless stereo| Wide Frequency Response|Long Battery Life|Microphone

Cristal Clear Sound

Create the perfect environment for any occasion. Whether you're reuniting with your closest crew, cuddling up to that special someone or just need some quality time alone — enjoy crystal clear highs from a device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Cristal Clear Sound

True Wireless Stereo

Wide Frequency Response

Long Battery Life


Feel the Bass

Experience the captivating power of deep, rumbling, implosive bass tones that transport you into a sonic world filled with immersive sound. Powered by 2x 20W drivers that are coupled with 2 passive radiators, S1 delivers high-fidelity sound that pumps up the atmosphere of any room at an unbeatable price.

Endless Listening Power.

No power outlet? No problem. Whether you’re going camping, on a picnic, or want to enjoy good music on the move, with S1 you get days worth of uninterrupted music without having to worry about running out of juice. Keep the party going all night long thanks to 3 powerful 2500mAh battery packs that deliver up to 20 hours of listening experience.

360 degrees of Immersion

Imagine a soundscape that is even more immersive and powerful than ever before. The S1 takes your audio experience to a whole new level thanks to its 360-degree sound core that illuminates every corner of the room. With 4 drivers in symmetrical positions and 2 passive radiators, it balances pressure and harmonizes sound amplitude for clear, immersive audio.

Built-in Microphone

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with the S1's built-in high quality microphone, making it feel like everyone is in the same room even when they're miles away. Enjoy immersive conference calls and be heard as if you're face to face!


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