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Saftebox: UV Sanitizer Box and Docking Station

Saftebox: UV Sanitizer Box and Docking Station

Keep your wearables and belongings clean and germ-free. Never worry about a low battery again.

Clean Everything You Care

Your personal devices hold more germs than an ordinary toilet. With an expandable attachment, double the inner space within the box to sanitize even larger accessories from sunglasses to M95 masks.

Clean Everything You Care

Harness The Effectiveness of UV-C Light

UV-C, also called germicidal UV, kills viruses at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. UV-C light can damage the RNA in viruses, keeping you and your devices safe and sanitized.

Stay Full of Power Wherever You Go

Made to sanitize your devices and personal belongings, SafteBox’s super-efficient UV light will sterilize 99.99% of germs and bacteria in 3 minutes, wherever you may be.

Stay Healthy & Energized

  • Sterilize 99.99% of dangerous bacteria
  • Promote your health
  • Stay charged on the go
  • Defuse situations with essential oils

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