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SereneKID: Make Your Child Focused and Calm

SereneKID: Make Your Child Focused and Calm

Bid goodbye to uncontrollable behavior and welcome a serene calm with SereneKID! This ground-breaking device helps your child master control over their excitement, transforming busy into focus.

Game-Based Motivation

SereneKID employs game-based reinforcement to engage and motivate your child — making the learning process into an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

Track your child’s progress in real-time through the SereneKID app. It comes with an advanced  testing system that provides an objective assessment of your child's progress throughout the training course — quantifying their level of concentration, a crucial brain function for successful learning at school and a key indicator of their progress with SereneKID.

Fast & Long Lasting Results

SereneKID helps restructure motor behavior through training of the brain — providing noticeable results within just 2-3 weeks of daily use and developing a profound after-effect that will stay with your child over time.

Unlock New Horizons for Your Child

Engaging with SereneKID goes beyond managing your child's excessive activity. It fosters the development of crucial skills like perseverance, concentration, and teamwork adaptability. This ensures enhanced academic performance and a transition to a higher level of maturity. It's more than a temporary relief — it's a lasting solution for a better future.



1x2.75x1 in (2.5x7x2.5 cm)


0.05 lbs


ABS plastic


2 x AAA


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