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SILK & SHADOW Exclusive Illustrated Hardcover

SILK & SHADOW Exclusive Illustrated Hardcover

Her mother was the weaver to the gods. She will be their weapon.

These things are more than they appear: Ansei, a rootless gardener with a life-saving touch;  Madame Sato, a noblewoman and kitsuke artist who would fashion Furi after the image of her own dead daughter;  The princess of a figurehead emperor with treasonous loyalties;  A plague with a mysterious death route; and  The rumor of war with an unknowable aggressor. Silk & Shadow is a speculative novel with a second generation twist on Japan’s traditional Tanabata folklore.

Star-Crossed Lovers

By legend, the gods forbade gifted weaver Orihime from leaving her loom to meet her lover Hikoboshi but once a a year, when stars Vega and Altair align in the sky on July 7th. Silk & Shadow is NOT a retelling of these classic star-crossed lovers. Rather, it is a next generation twist on the ancient folklore!

Tanabata Adjacent Tale

SILK & SHADOW is not a retelling of the Tanabata folklore. It introduces different themes and characters, including the jorogumo--spider demons. Spider demons mean a lot of mood, psychological suspense and a touch of horror, though this is not a jump scare horror tale. The horror is subtle, more along the feel of Mushi-Shi, if you recognize the wildly popular anime, or to borrow a western example, maybe something more like Rebecca. Read a free sample here:




Tanabata is all about realizing hopes and dreams--everyone's hopes and dreams. So as I realize my goals, I would like to celebrate yours!  This is what we'll do. When we reach $1500 in funding, please send me your Tanabata wish. Your wish can be anything you want--any secret hope or dream. Write me a note detailing what it is and I will tie a colorful tanzaku to a bamboo plant for each one! Then I'll publish that picture in the campaign!


Help us create the most beautiful hardcover copy of SILK & SHADOW


Artwork is our first priority, and if we reach our first funding threshold, we'll be adding more art!


When we reach our second benchmark, we will add three bonus scenes to all of the books, ebooks included.


If we reach our third benchmark, we'll produce a gorgeous dust jacket, possibly with raised font!

If we blow past 1, 2 & 3, let's keep going!

More interior art!

When we reach this benchmark, we'll add several new images!

Sprayed Edges

These painted edges are really handsome. I would love to make a book with sprayed edges. We'll do it if we reach this threshold!

Audio Book

Silk & Shadow is a thick book, so we'll be doing really well when we cross this threshold! If we do this, then I will make that available as an add-on in Indiegogo.


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