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Air Purifier with 500x Better & Instant Protection

Air Purifier with 500x Better & Instant Protection

Live without unpleasant airborne allergies, asthma, diseases, and pollutants. Scientists invented an air purifier that works instantly with 500 times better effectiveness. Stay healthy and live well.

Respiray Wear A+ Prevents Airborne Problems Like

Allergies & Asthma

Live a life without the unpleasant allergic reactions from pets, dust, and pollen.

Viruses & Bacteria

Avoid infections during the flu season from airborne diseases like common cold and COVID.

Air Pollution

Hugely reduce health risks caused by air pollution from smog, traffic, and wildfires.

Why is it super effective?

Thanks to being so close to your mouth, nose and eyes, Wear A+ needs to clean 50 000 times less air than normal air purifiers. Every inch counts. It takes just one click and within 1.5 seconds you will have maximum protection. The HEPA filter in the device catches all irritants. The ever-renewing pure air cloud feels so pleasant and refreshing.

How does Wear A+ works?

  1. Takes air in from below with two quiet fans
  2. Filters out air pollutants with HEPA filter
  3. Creates a protective air cloud in 1.5 seconds

So, why is Respiray Wear A+ the Best Air Purifier?

It's 500x more effective, 5x cheaper, and protects you instantly with just a click.

Instant Protection

Wear A+ protects you instantly, thanks to being so close to your face and creating a pure air cloud for breathing in just 1.5 seconds.

500x More Effective

When normal air purifiers manage to make up to 5 air changes in an hour, then Respiray Wear A+ changes air near your mouth and nose about 2470 times an hour. This means the pure air cloud renews 41 times a minute.

5x More Affordable

Wear A+ is both cheaper to buy and to maintain. The regular purchase price is $129. The substitute filter costs just $6 and lasts for 200 hours. Respiray Wear A+ also consumes about 60x less energy than most air purifiers do.

Go anywhere you want

If pure air is important for you too, then soon you don't need to be restricted by the length of the air purifiers power cord. The built in battery in Wear A+ lasts easily for 8 hour. Visit your friends with pets or dusty households.

Technical Details

  • FILTER: HEPA filter lasts for 200 hours
  • PURIFIES: 2470 air changes per hour
  • BATTERY: Lasts 10 hours - 2000 mAh, 7.4Wh Li-ion
  • WEIGHT: 8.8 oz (250 g) like iPhone 14 PRO MAX

Field tests prove that Wear A+ helps 87% of users

It helps everybody who has airborne allergies. It doesn't help with skin allergies or in windy conditions. So it is perfect during cleaning, spending time nearby pets, in dusty situations or at parties when meeting other people. For extremely allergic people we recommend to wear Respiray Wear A+ as an extra layer of protection. This device prevents allergies, so wear it before you go into allergen-rich rooms.

Protection On The Go

The Best Air Purifier Wear A+ is so small and light that you can take with you anywhere, so you can be sure you're always protected from allergens, diseases and pollutants.

If you have more questions

I would gladly explain everything in details. As an engineer and air purifiers expert at Respiray, I can most probably help you. Just write me at

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