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Skyted: Changing the Face of Gaming, Quietly

Ever lost a nail-biting round in League of Legends because your roommate caught wind of your jungle gank plan. Meet Skyted, the only face mask to keep your game-winning strategies ‘hush-hush’. Game on.

Ultra-Secret Communication Mask is Here!

Transform the way you communicate with your gaming partners with Skyted. We’ve made it sleek, comfortable, and, most importantly, super secretive! Just plug in, mask up, and start yapping - 250gm lightweight, open-air mask so you can breathe easily.


The Perfect Fit for Every Gamer

No matter what earbuds or headsets you use, Skyted is designed to fit all! Be it Apple, Samsung, or any other gaming headset; Skyted ensures seamless compatibility. Plus, it pairs with any gaming console or PC!

Gaming Gear that Cares for the Environment

As much as we love enhancing your gaming experience, we love Mother Earth even more. Each Skyted mask is made from bio-sourced or recycled materials, making your gaming sessions eco-friendly!


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