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Chess48: Smart Chess Board

Chess48: Smart Chess Board

The exclusive smart chess board with random pawn promotion


Promote Pawns Randomly

Thanks to its unique design, your pawns promote randomly. You don’t know which piece it will become after reaching the end of the board.


Pure Logic vs Memorizing Sequences

By introducing randomized promotions, Chess48 extends the complexity and number of possible variations. Players must rely on pure logic instead of memorizing possible sequences.


Training Mode

The Chess48 smartphone app lets you play in training mode. Due to the board’s backlit squares, Chess48 can give players hints and teach strategies to new and experienced players.

The World’s Smartest Chess Board

Chess48 tracks every move using integrated sensors and analyzes all possible sequences. Get advice on the next move, save your games and continue them later, and even record games for post-analysis and social sharing.

What’s that unique?

Every pawn consists of two parts. The top part is the same for all pawns, meanwhile the bottom is the figure players unveil upon promotion. You don’t know what figure your pawn will turn into, unless you uncover it.

Learn New Strategies with the LED-Backlit Squares

Every square is backlit with uniform LED lighting. In the app-controlled Training Mode these edges are lit to offer newer players hints on which moves to make, and more experienced strategists different options.

Chess48 Extends Your Gameplay by:

  • Introducing randomness
  • Evolving logic to craft your winning strategy
  • Training new areas of your brain

Step 1

While the other pieces are clearly visible to everyone, each pawn includes an additional random chess piece inside.

Step 2

When your pawn reaches the opposite side and it’s time for promotion, you don’t know which figure it will transform into until you uncover it.

Step 3

Take off the top and reveal the figure at random. Now gameplay pivots in another unforeseeable direction, opening up a whole series of new possibilities.

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