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SODE Design

SODE Design

Modern & Multifunctional Furniture For Cats


Hooman, do you also hate that ugly cat tree that takes up the entire room? With ORIGAMEOW, you get a fine piece of furniture for me and you, meow! A stool for you, and...a throne, a cave, a playground, and a scratching pole for me.

Design Furniture for Everyone!

SØDE Design is focused on creating beautiful, functional and sustainable products that improve the lives of cats and their humans. 3 pieces of beautifully designed Cat furniture (that also Hoomans can use) that are handmade with Love, and: "Good for your Cat 🐈, your Interior 🏡, and the Planet 🌍!"


FLOWER PAWER, a wall-mounted cat scratcher with a built-in flower pot on top. Made with recycled cardboard, eco-certified wood, and Portuguese cork for an elegant and natural look. This sturdy scratcher can be mounted at any height to give your cat a nice stretch while scratching and the Playrope adds extra fun. Besides, this awesome FLOWER PAWER comes with a shipping box that transforms into a wonderful Cat Castle.

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