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Solis Tag: Stay Connected Wherever You Go!

Solis Tag: Stay Connected Wherever You Go!

Solis Tag is the portable dongle that provides reliable, fast, and secure global internet connection in 135+ countries!

The Problem

Having access to the Internet while on the go is important and necessary. However, public WiFi networks are often unsecured and unreliable.

The Problem

Powerful Connection

Enjoy reliable, high-speed LTE Cat.7 internet with superior range that works anywhere!


Downloads of up to 300Mbps | Uploads of up to 150Mbps


Start every day with the SIMO 365 Data Plan!

Solis Tag comes with a year of the SIMO 365 data plan, providing 30 minutes of global mobile data every day to meet your immediate Internet needs.


What if I need more data?

Tag seamlessly transitions to any purchased plan, ensuring you're never left without connectivity when you need it most. SIMO offers a range of data plans to suit all users. Best of all, no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. 


  • Size: 90.8mm x 47.34mm x 8.53mm
  • Battery-free, no installation required
  • Colors: Dark Gray
  • Features USB-C and USB-A ports

From the Creators of Solis Hotspots

Solis Tag is designed by SIMO, an international mobile Internet and technology company based in Silicon Valley with offices throughout Europe and Asia. SIMO is a leading Platform-as-a-Service company providing its leading Virtual SIM technologies and services to users around the world. SIMO has enabled over 200 mobile carriers into the cloud, and delivered global connectivity to millions of smart devices.


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