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Strip Tag Backpacks: Where Functionality meets fun

Strip Tag Backpacks: Where Functionality meets fun

Say hi to Strip _Tags, the world's first backpack made entirely of soft-touch velcro. It's your children and teen's lunch-carrying, book-holding, small-thing-wielding sidekick for any adventure. You’ve just discovered the joy of convenience, organization, personalization, and style.

Introducing Strip_Tags

The revolutionary design allows you to personalize and adapt the backpack according to your needs and moods. You can add patches, change pockets and even attach lunch bags. All in one backpack ready to assemble for any occasion

Introducing Strip_Tags

One Bag. Multiple Detachable Components

With the ability to attach and detach components based on your whims and needs, your Strip_ Tags backpack transforms the mundane task of carrying lunch boxes, school essentials, and other supplies into a breeze. Each of the five components can be used solo or combined, creating a new daily bag configuration. From school corridors to the office, gym, or a weekend trip. Always mark your style while remaining organized. 

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Strain.

Built with adjustable straps and a cushioned back, the Strip_Tags ensures that the weight is distributed evenly, keeping those shoulders happy and fatigue-free. Gone are the days of hunched backs and uncomfortable treks. 

Pack it Up. Clip it On

Equipped with robust security clips and a soft velcro surface, it allows the safe attachment of various components to the bag without compromising the integrity of the backpack or the comfort of the wearer.

Not Just School-Ready, Life-Ready!

The Strip_Tags backpack continues to shine out of the classroom and into the world. Experience a backpack that effortlessly transitions from school corridors to office spaces, gym, sleepovers, travel terminals, mountaintop trails and more. Let your dreams and ideas find a home in your backpack. 


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