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SunDay: Monitor Your Child's Vitamin D Intake

SunDay: Monitor Your Child's Vitamin D Intake

SunDay is a wearable UV index monitor that tracks your child’s sunlight exposure, monitors natural Vitamin D intake, and provides data straight onto your smartphone.

Safely out in the Sun

Staying under the Sun for too long can do more harm, than good. SunDay keeps perfect track of your child’s exposure to the Sun and notifies you when it’s time for some sunscreen or to hit the shade. Easy, convenient, safe.

Safely out in the Sun

Build Stronger Immune System

The sun is a great source of Vitamin D, but it can be extremely hard to estimate how much exposure is needed for a healthy and effective dose. SunDay will tell you exactly how much Vitamin D your child is getting from the Sun which helps to set them up for a stronger immune system than ever before!

Monitor Your Kid’s Walking Steps

Sufficient exercise is critical for your child’s development. SunDay counts your child's walking steps, so you’ll know when your kid needs a change in daily routine for a healthier life.

Never Lose your SunDay

You’ll never have to worry about losing your SunDay! With its finder feature you’ll effortlessly track and trace the location of your SunDay using your smartphone.

Available as a Necklace, Brooch and a Bracelet

SunDay is designed for children of all tastes – whether they want to wear it as a brooch or as a necklace, or a bracelet.

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