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 The First Smart Swimwear to Keep Kids Safe

The First Smart Swimwear to Keep Kids Safe

No more anxiety when your kids are near deep water. Give your children the freedom to have fun in and around water without limiting their ability to swim, move and play. Thanks to built-in advanced sensor technology that automatically inflates if your child stays submerged for too long.

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behind SWÖM’s Safety Swimwear.

Watch the Smart Swimwear in Action

Witness the Smart Swimwear in Action and Dive into Innovation.

SWÖM™ Keeping Kids Afloat

When inflated, SWÖM™ safely brings your child back to the surface, providing enough buoyancy and support for them to stay afloat.

Freedom of Swimming

Give your child the freedom to freely swim, move and play in the water.

Growth-Proof = Future-Proof

As your child grows, SWÖM™  grows with them. When it's time for a larger size, simply purchase new SWÖM™ swimwear, without the technology inside, at a reduced price—and effortlessly transfer the safety tech from the old swimwear to the new. 

Gas Refills

SWÖM™  allows for swift and hassle-free replacement of the inflation mechanism after each inflation event—so your child is always ready for round two, three, or as many dips as they desire. 


Plus, it’s Airline-approved, so you can bring up to 4 inflation tanks on your flight—ensuring that wherever your travels take you, SWÖM™ will keep your child safe. 


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