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Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with every flush

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with every flush

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that make your bathroom smell like a hospital, and say hello to a fresh, clean scent that's safe for the whole family, including children and pets.

Naturally Clean and Fresh

No more harsh chemicals and unpleasant smells. Swirly's is the first non-toxic toilet tablet that not only smells uh-ma-zing (!), but also cleans your tank and bowl - unlike bleach and harsh chemicals that damage your toilet and plumbing. 


And the best part…? 


It's safe for children and pets, so you can have peace of mind when one of them starts swirlin' around in the bowl.

Long-lasting Essential Oil Scents

Got guests coming over? Never be nervous about a number 2 ever again.


Swirly’s toilet tablets are made with all-natural essential oils, ensuring a fresh and pleasant smell in your bathroom after each and every flush. 


"Yes, I'll have more coffee please."

Why You Should Choose Swirly's


- Smells like a hospital urinal

- Has bleach and chlorine that damages toilet and plumbing

- Not safe for kids and pets

- Turns into a weird goo



- Smells like the garden of Eden (probably)

- Has natural ingredients that clean your tank, bowl, and plumbing (plumber approved!)

- Safe for kids and pets (we still don't encourage drinking out of the toilet)

- Dissolves cleanly with no goo residue

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