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T-Shirt TV — Let Your T-Shirt Speak for You

T-Shirt TV — Let Your T-Shirt Speak for You

Time to proudly display your message loud and clear with T-Shirt TV! Whether you are out on the street, at the gym or at work, let your t-shirt become a portable, wearable billboard and do the talking for you.

What Do You Want To Tell The World

What better way to show off your NFT, Memes, and Tik-Toks than to have it blasting for everyone to enjoy. What used to be an expensive corporate marketing tool is now available for you to express yourself.


  • 10 " Screen provides vivid 1024 * 600 HD Resolutio
  • Technology + shirt is less than 5 pounds (2,2 kg)
  • 2 Gb Storage Capacity
  • 2-4 Hour Standard Battery life


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