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Ultra Short Throw Projector. Make Your Own Cinema!

Ultra Short Throw Projector. Make Your Own Cinema!

Huge 100" screen, with only 45cm projection distance | Projects on any wall or horizontal surface | Speaker & battery quick snap on magnetic modules | Turns any surface into an interactive touch experience



With only 0.73kg of weight and 19 x 9.4 x 6.7 cm in size, the projector can be carried anywhere.



Easily connect the projector to phones, laptops, gaming stations from the HDMI or USB ports.



FHD 1080p image quality, with 1000 ANSI lumens means you can enjoy high quality content even in bright light.



Enjoy unlimited multimedia content with the Android OS system allowing you to install all your favourite content apps.

Set it up 45cm from the wall for a big 100" screen

Set the Witseer projector on any surface, tabletop, TV shelf, or bedroom wardrobe to make your own personal cinema. The Ultra-Short Throw laser technology allows you to set up the projector at different distances from the wall, to create the size of screen you need, up to a massive 100 inch.

Superb image quality

Experience True Full HD 1080p at 60fps, delivering unparalleled high-definition clarity with fine details even at display sizes of up to 100 inch. Thanks to our advanced optical system, the Witseer projector is highly compatible with all video resolutions, displaying even 4K contet crisp and natural.

Turn any surface into an interactive experience

Install the motion sensor module and turn the Witseer projector into an interactive touch experience, transforming any surface projected into a creative canvas. The laser intelligent capture technology, uses infrared scanning and laser scattering to accurately and sensitively recognize gestures of your hands and fingers. The result is perfectly smooth motion capture allowing you to interact with content in a truly futuristic way.

Speaker module for total audiovisual immersion

The external speaker magnetic module, co-engineered with Monster™, features 10W loud speaker with a buzzing 70Hz bass boost to take your audiovisual experience to another level. Conveniently combine it to the Witseer projector and enjoy louder, brighter and exciting sound for any type of content.

Extend your playtime with the battery module

With 5000mAh, the external battery module allows for 3.5 hours of continous playing giving you freedom to display or watch content anywhere.

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