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The Boring Lamp: Versatile 3-in-1 Smart Lamp

The Boring Lamp: Versatile 3-in-1 Smart Lamp

A multi-functional smart lamp with Innovative magnetic modular design, eye care technology, fast wireless charging, colorful ambient RGB lights and even sync to music. Easy to assemble and quick setup for your dream desktop.

Versatile Features of Boring Lamp

Versatile Features of  Boring Lamp

Innovative Magnetic Modular Design

Versatile Features of  Boring Lamp

Eye Care Technology

Versatile Features of  Boring Lamp

Fast & Wireless Charging

Versatile Features of  Boring Lamp

Colorful Lighting Effects

Light Up Your Space with Expressions

Get ready to light up your space and add a touch of delicacy to your home decor with the latest The Boring Lamp! This modern, versatile lamp features an innovative modular magnetic design that offers various functions to meet your needs. With Eye Care Technology and fast wireless charging, the smart lamp reduces flickering and prevents eye fatigue while powering up your devices when needed.

A 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Smart Lamp

Thanks to its brilliant magnetic modular design with ease of use, the Boring Lamp can be easily detached and is available in multiple combinations, allowing you to transform your space into anything you want.

An Eye-friendly Desk Light

With 54 high-quality Led beads with NiteCore Extreme technology, you can use The Boring Lamp as a desk lamp and adjust color temperature and brightness to your needs. In addition, the smart Boring Lamp prevents flickering and glaring lights to protect your eyes while studying, reading, writing, etc.different or better about your.

Space-free Computing Light

The ground-breaking modular magnetic design combined with a unique lamp bracket transforms your Boring Lamp into a unique monitor light bar that saves valuable desk space and increases productivity while gaming or working in front of the screen.

Colorful Ambient Lights

With Boring Lamp, you can create the atmosphere you want anytime, anywhere. Various solid colors and lighting allow beautiful color combinations and flowing multi-color effects that give you a great new vibe for multiple scenes.

Long Lifespan & High-Quality Materials

The Smart Lamp is designed with CNC machining technology and an aluminum alloy frame, ensuring a long service life with premium quality.

Syncs to Your Music

Using a built-in mic, Boring Lamp synchronizes with the beat of your music, audio or even clapping and stomping, bringing your night parties or gaming sessions to life with reactive music modes.

Lightsaber with multiple colors

Thanks to the battery module, you can even turn the Boring Lamp light bar into an interesting portable lightsaber! You can also choose from multiple light modes. Are you ready to fight, Jedi?

Convenient Wireless Charging

Boring Lamp has a Magsafe base with a fast wireless charging function that is compatible with Qi charging. You can charge your Apple products as well as any Qi-supported device while you work, study or even sleep, which is so convenient. If the lamp is off, you can still charge your phone. It's really cool, isn't it?

Minimalist Design With Craftsmanship

Designed with the timelessly modern and minimalist concept, Boring Lamp is simple but unique. It has no extra buttons, complicated apps, or remote control, as all functions are just right. In addition, the lamp base is heavy enough and offers good stability against falls.


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