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AirLegendPro: The Business Shirt

AirLegendPro: The Business Shirt

That Fits Your Active Lifestyle

Introducing The Air Legend Pro

The Breathable Business Shirt. Made of 100% organic materials and advanced weave patterns for ultimate breathability.

Professional Shirts Shouldn’t Compromise

Professional Shirts Shouldn’t Compromise You just don’t wear your shirt only in an air conditioned office. You commute, party it up, and occasionally need to head out for some fresh air. Sweating is unavoidable — make sure you get the shirt that keeps you cool, comfortable, and feeling clean.

Stop Sweating at Work

Your body needs to breathe. Air Legend Pro offers the comfort and breathability of athletic wear in a classy button down shirt. The special designed fabric wicks away your sweat without drying out your skin. This level of breathability gives you the best temperature regulation you have ever seen in a business shirt. No matter how hot it gets, you’ll stay cool in your Air Legend Pro.

The Active Professional

Formal isn’t just for the office anymore. Look professional while still feeling comfortable outdoors thanks to multi density layering design. Air Legend Pro uses three different densities in your back, armpits, and sweat prone areas for the breathability they need. Enjoy biking, dancing, and working outdoors in style without the fear of sweat. This durable shirt is also odor resistant.

Look Great Everywhere

Nothing looks better than a classic button down shirt. Air Legend Pro keeps it clean and simple with a three cross motif that pays homage to Amsterdam, its home country. Available in a Classic White or a Daring Black.

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