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The First Acupressure Massage Belt

The First Acupressure Massage Belt

The Healing Powers of Korean Oriental Medicine

Massage Abdominal Pain Away

Traditional Korean Medicine has been healing people for thousands of years. You can now experience the benefits of acupressure therapy without needing to see a specialist. SHEAN is the first acupressure massage belt that works your abs, relieves cramping, and improves your gut health - all from the comfort of your own home.

The Acupressure Belt that Does It All

Other belts just heat and vibrate. SHEAN is the only massage belt built specifically with 5 different heads to target every part of your abdomen and bowel paired with the power of near infrared light to promote healthy skin and blood flow, and the heat you need to burn off tummy fat.

The Easy Way to Get Healthy

Just wear the belt, select which of the seven targeted massages you need and enjoy. Sitting, standing, or even laying down, SHEAN is the easiest way to get healthy - effortlessly.

The Complete Set

  • SHEAN Main Body/Belt
  • Acupressure Ball/Finger Pin
  • Round Acupressure Ball/Flat Acupressure Ball
  • Power Supply/Manual

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