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RoadSage: Collision System That Warns Tailgaters

RoadSage: Collision System That Warns Tailgaters

RoadSage uses sensors to autonomously show visual warnings to tailgaters, for a safer and more enjoyable driving environment.

Introducing RoadSage

One of the main reasons behind rear-ending collisions is tailgating – often done unintentionally, it can in many cases be avoided through better communication among drivers. That’s where RoadSage comes in. Packed with a capable collision warning system, RoadSage autonomously detects and visually warns tailgaters that they have come too close, enabling them to return to a safe driving distance and thus preventing a dangerous encounter.

No Room for Mistakes

To avoid confusion and false flags, this rear collision avoidance system comes with an effective AI error rejection algorithm to ensure that no message is displayed by mistake – RoadSense will only come into action when a potential collision is detected.

Built-in Dashcam

When the unfortunate does happen, you need evidence to back yourself up with a clear peace of mind. That’s why RoadSage also features a built-in dashcam. It records and saves every part of your drive – day and night – in crystal clear 1080p resolution. Plus, thanks to the ultra-wide 170° viewing angle, you can be sure that every corner is covered.

Park Effortlessly

Parking in tight spaces can be quite nerve-wracking. RoadSage’s rear dashcam also doubles as parking assistance. A little extra, so you can park more easily without risking bumper damage.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: USB-C cable (3-meters long)
  • Colors options: Black

  • Display: 11.3’’ LED Panel
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 170mm (box)
  • Weight: 500g (Approx)

Sensors and cameras

  • LiDAR sensor Range:20 meters(65 ft),FoV:2.5 deg
  • Ultrasonic sensor Range:3 meters(10 ft),FoV:12 deg
  • Dashcam Resolution:5MP,1080p FULL HD
  • Night vision distance: 20m (65 ft),FoV:170 deg

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