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TheLensCase: The Contact Lens Case Reinvented

TheLensCase: The Contact Lens Case Reinvented

Reusable lens cases are outdated, ugly, unsustainable and can be unhygienic. Meet TheLensCase by Haard — the luxury, hygienic and sustainable contact lens case that elegantly redefines your daily routine into a seamless, sustainable practice.

How Seamless Lens Care Works

It’s a beautifully designed case that holds a much lighter plastic insert.Crafted with precision, the case has a body and hinged lid with a secure spring-loaded catch. Effortlessly access your lenses with a press of the recessed opening button. Enjoy peace of mind as the anti-microbial, silver-infused, plastic inserts provide secure and leak-proof storage.

Tired of Bland & Eco-Ignorant Lens Cases?

For individuals who value great design, regular contact lens cases are just, well, pretty rubbish. TheLensCase is here to match your aesthetic style. It is a beautiful, ergonomic and tactile object designed with replaceable inserts. The system uses far less plastic and snaps into a built to last metal case. If Steve Jobs wore contacts, this would be the case he’d have chosen.

Less Impactful Recyclable Disposable Inserts

Less is more, especially when it comes to plastic waste. The inserts are not only lighter but also use up to 75% less plastic compared to existing products, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious individuals. Choose a greener path without compromising on quality and safety.

In the US alone over 15m reusable contact lens wearers throw away up between 6 and 12 contact lens cases a year. At a minimum that is 90m cases! That’s around 900,000 kg of plastic! Using our inserts will reduce this by 75%.

Crafted By The Best In The Industry

The refined, patent-pending design was created by the renowned award-winning London-based agency, Morrama. With a track record of exceptional designs, Morrama's expertise is evident in every detail of this lens case, elevating it to unmatched levels of elegance and sophistication.


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