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The Mipette: The Art of Nature

The Mipette: The Art of Nature

Honey, now in a handy, sustainable and zero-waste packaging!

Choose your Origin, Taste the World

With the Mipette, you can now get to taste honey from everywhere - Bhutan, France, Indonesia and Malaysia, each with its own and distinct taste and benefits. Do you know because the stingless bee honey has low GI it does not cause tooth decay. Now you can boost your energy, stay healthy-and help preserve people & planet.

Choose your Origin, Taste the World

The Art of Nature

The Mipette is honey encapsulated in food-grade seaweed membrane. We make honey not only handy but sustainable with zero waste. The seaweed comes from sustainable farms. No more plastic bottles or straws. Also, no more single use packaging. What we take from nature, we put them back.

How does The Mipette works?

The Mipette is easy to open just nip, twist and squeeze it. The Mipette has been tested under different climate conditions and put into pressurized environment. Each Mipette contains approx. 14 grams or 10ml of honey equivalent to a tablespoon. The packaging is brought to you by Notpla.

Beekeeper Program

10% of the profits from the sale of each Mipette goes to our Beekeepers Development Fund initiative. The aim of the fund is to train new and existing beekeepers to make beekeeping a sustainable business and uplift communities we work with. We buy the quality produced honey at a fair price. This will empower communities and allow new beekeepers to join to generate a permanent source of income.

Handy, Sustainable and Zero Waste

The Mipette is honey encapsulated in food-grade seaweed membrane. Not only we make honey handy, they are also sustainable and generate zero waste.

100% Laboratory Tested

The Mipette is 100% laboratory tested and origin verified honey

Handy and Portable

The Mipette is a superfood that is handy and totally edible, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Safe for Children

The Mipette is suitable for vegetarian and safe for children.

Two Year Shelf Life

The Mipette has a two year shelf life.

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