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Skyvooo: The Most Efficient Blue Light Glasses

Skyvooo: The Most Efficient Blue Light Glasses

The Blue Light glasses that truly protect

Blocks 99.5% of Harmful Blue Light

Our proprietary filtering technology reduces blue light by 99.5% across the entire blue light spectrum, but focuses on blue light in the 455 nm range that all LED and digital devices emit.

360° LavaTESS Technology

Inspired by the eye structure of flies that see all around without any distortion, we developed our bluelight glasses aiming to assure 360° protection for your eyes. SKYVOOO is the only pair of blue light glasses that can block blue light coming in from ANY direction. Look down at your phone without any fear of headaches.

Special Flex Hinges

SKYVOOO uses special hinges that can flex both ways but will always retain their firmness. This frame handles everyday use with ease — it won’t snap on you.

Endless Quality

With the promise of high quality lenses comes the guarantee of a lifetime.


Dimensions: 48x15x140mm (1.9x0.6x5.5 in). Blue light protection range: 400-455 Nm. Materials: T90 Thermoplastic Frame, Soft-touch Rubber

The Perfect Package

Your SKYVOOO blue shield glasses come with a microfiber cloth and a cloth case.

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