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The Perfect Play Couch

The Perfect Play Couch

Support your kids as they start building up their own creative world at an early age!

Modular. Magnetic. Magical!

The hidden magnets inside the couch are the key to letting the magic happen. Sit back and enjoy as you see your child’s ideas and creativity come to life.

Fun In Their Own Style

Cozyblok will keep them engaged for hours since there are so many different objects they can make out of it. No instructions needed, leave it to their imagination!

Responsibility got Fun

It’s important to teach kids responsibility as they grow up to be the best version of themselves. Just by letting them gather the pieces back and form the couch that they’re going to sit on, Cozyblok is a fun way to teach them responsibility!

Healthier Alternative

Instead of having your child sit in front of the TV and play videogames, Cozyblok gives a healthier alternative to develop their motor skills and logic.

Outstandingly Durable

Cozyblok is made of waterproof material not to run into mildew issues, protecting you and your kid’s skin health and making it a long lasting furniture. It is also scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry if your furry little pet joins the fun!

Brilliantly Safe!

With its stretchy foam and durable leather, Cozyblok is made up of safe materials which are toxin free and give you a peace of mind when you add it to your toddler’s play area or bedroom.





Washable Exterior

Not only is CozyBlok safe, but it has a removable cushion cover for you to easily wash and reapply the clean and fresh one.

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