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The Precision Razor and Nose Hair Trimmer

The Precision Razor and Nose Hair Trimmer

The Precise Shave & Trim. Leaving No Hair Behind.

No More Stray Hairs

We all have to rush through our morning routine sometimes and can leave some hairs behind. Multi-Glider is the nose trimmer + double-edge razor with dual motors, designed to be the one-stop solution for even your hairiest problems. This dynamic solution is so easy to use and precise that you will never risk missing another spot.

Plucking Doesn’t Work, You Need to Trim

Not only do you risk getting infected when you rip out your hair follicle, but you also risk ingrown hairs in the one place you can’t see. Your nose hairs are there to filter out dust and toxins, so you should keep them short and neat. The Multi-Glider does just that with the dome-type nose hair trimmer, preventing you from getting too deep into your nostril.

Reach Every Spot

The Multi-Glider is so precise it can even clean the hardest spot to reach - right under your nose. The gently vibrating razor reduces the friction between the blade and your face, giving you a close and comfortable shave.

Gentle Vibrating Dual Motor

The dual motor is not for power. You need the right lab-tested frequencies to get the perfect shave and trim. Keep your face and your nose clean, without swapping out any accessories or doing anything more than pressing once.

One Click Away from a Clean Shave

Load in a single AAA Battery and click to cycle through the razor and nose hair trimmer. The LED light turns green when the razor is on, blue when the nose hair remover is on, and red when the battery is below 10%, so you always know what your Multi-Glider is doing.

Get a Perfect Shave & Trim Everywhere

  • Color: Black Pearl
  • Weight: 220g (0.5 lb)
  • Material: ABS & Aluminum/IPX6
  • Power Consumption: 237mAh/Battery:AAA

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