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Semi: The Smart Cooktop

Semi: The Smart Cooktop

Take control of your cooking. Measure your ingredients and regulate temperature in one smart device.

Precise Temperature Control

Direct contact temperature sensor - always keeps your pan at the perfect temperature. 30°C - 285°C/ 86°F - 545°F - maintains the perfect cooking temperature for any recipe. 1800W Induction coil - heats your pan at a fantastic speed

Measure with Ease

Integrated scales - weigh your ingredients before and while you cook for perfect portions every time. No single-use kitchen gadgets - thanks to Semi you don’t need a separate food scale and kitchen thermometer, everything comes built-in.

Smart Timer

Live notifications - gives real-time feedback on when to start adding ingredients into the pan, maintains the temperature, and tracks the state of the cooking process for a hassle-free meal. Timer and Alarm - Set your own timers to shut off when the cooking is done and the alarm automatically shuts down your Semi when it senses your food is being burned.

The Semi App - Master Any Dish

Never waste another minute thinking about what to make with the Semi App: pair with Semi app to guide you from preparation to cooking, plating the perfect dish, get a free lifetime subscription for the Semi App, get a complete shopping list instantly and save time, explore new dishes with over 500+ recipes and choose your favourite.

Sous Vide Your Meats for Perfect Flavor and Textur

Sous Vide is simply cooking your food in a vacuumed bag at a specific temperature. Semi’s Sous Vide attachment and guide will help you prepare a juicy entree like a pro.

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 30°C - 285°C/ 86°F - 545°F
  • Display: 2.4" TFT LCD/Max Weight: 15 kg/ 33 lb
  • Power: 110-240V 50-60Hz/Connectivity: Wifi
  • Control Panel: Capacitive Touch Controls

Multiple Cooking Modes

  • Guided: Let Semi guide you for a perfect meal
  • Sous Vide: Start evenly cooking your meals
  • Manual: Set up your own recipes, test your skills

Compact design

Thanks to Semi’s sleek and compact design, it tucks away perfectly like your other small kitchen appliances or recipe books.

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