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Tracuz: The Smart Travel Backpack

Tracuz: The Smart Travel Backpack

Smart Navigation

Pair your smartphone to your Tracuz via Bluetooth and vibrations to the backpack straps will let you know what direction to turn. Not everyone knows their hand and signals in traffic, take the guesswork out and let Tracuz’s unique interactive display and strap led lights show your next move to traffic around you.

Animate Your Backpack

The programmable LED display gives you full control of what you want to express to the world - from emojis to custom text!

Never Forget Your Stuff

Get alerted if you leave anything behind. Tether your personal items to Tracuz with tags, and the mobile app will alert you if it senses that you forgot to take your phone, charger, or keys with you.

See Your Contents Clearly

Stop whipping out your phone anytime you need to look inside your backpack. Tracuz comes with built-in LED lights so you can find exactly what you need - even in the dark.

Charge Anything Everywhere

Connect your favorite power bank to Tracuz and power your phone through the outlet on the side of the bag for easy access.

Materials & Specifications

  • Adjustable Straps
  • Firm Padding (on straps and back of Backpack)
  • Water Resistant Fabric, Water Repellent Zippers
  • Breathable Mesh

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