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The Ultimate Bag for Germ Free and Refreshed Sport

The Ultimate Bag for Germ Free and Refreshed Sport

Stinky sports gear after your workout? Smelly shoes after hiking in the mountains? Sanitize and deodorize your items while traveling, hiking in the woods and mountains or after the gym. A fast, easy, and convenient cleaning solution for you.

No More Stinky Sports Gear or Clothing

DRESSFRESH is a patent-pending smart bag with a built-in refresh system that effectively cleans your clothes and gear on the go, quickly kills the germs, and eliminates the odor.

Place Dirty Gear & Apparel Inside & Start Cleaning

Having trouble with cleaning your sports or hiking gear, and your everyday items? Place your belongings inside the bag, zip it up, and select the relevant cycle from the DRESSFRESH app to turn it into a powerful and toxic-free sterilizer and deodorizer.

Step 1

Place your stinky belongings inside the bag.

Step 2

Open the DRESSFRESH app and select the cleaning cycle (quick, light, normal, heavy).

Step 3

Depending on the cycle you’ll have to wait from 15 to 60 minutes.

Fresh Gear & Clothes Anytime You Need

  • A fast and effective way to eliminate odor
  • Portable and easy to use technology
  • Dual-stage cleaning and refreshing

Environmentally Friendly

No need for expensive chemicals, solvents, oils, or bleaches. It’s all the pure power of ionized air.

Stylish & Portable

You can carry DRESSFRESH anywhere with you. With its sleek, durable and TSA compatible travel size, it comes to ensure you have fresh and sterilized items in any place.

Harness the Power of Ionized Oxygen

By supercharging the air inside the bag and creating ionized oxygen the bag easily and effectively cleans your valuable items from germs.

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