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Tully: Wearable that Improves Emotional Awareness

Tully: Wearable that Improves Emotional Awareness

Built to help your children of all ages manage their stress and emotions.

Stay Aware of Your Child’s Emotions

It is difficult to manage emotions alone, especially when your child is hyperactive, hyperkinetic, or with or without ADHD, ADD, or other mental health condition. Identifying when to focus on their emotions is crucial for keeping outbursts under control.

Stay Aware of Your Child’s Emotions

Give Your Child Control Over Their Behavior

Tully is the discrete looking bracelet that uses biometric sensors to monitor emotional levels and lets your child know when they are in an elevated state so they can work on getting back to being alert and calm. It is built to help your children of all ages manage their stress and emotions.

AI-Based Tracking

Tully uses a tested AI algorithm built on a large database of other hyperactive people to learn early signs of agitation. You will be amazed at how accurately Tully can predict your child’s intense emotional events in just days.

Biometric Sensors

To provide the most accurate readings, Tully takes a multifaceted approach to monitoring biometrics.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Oxygen Saturation in Blood

Skin Temperature

Gentle Notification

Once Tully senses your child is becoming agitated, it sends a gentle silent vibration to let them know they are reaching an elevated state. Tully also comes equipped with a false alarm button to better train the AI to avoid false positives.

Guiding App

If your child needs additional help, the Guiding App will give them advice on how to get back to an aware and calm state through guided relaxing and breathing exercises.

Track. Analyze. Share.

You will know when your child was most calm during the day with the tracked agitation score report available on the Tully online platform. With a full subscription service, you can share detailed biometric data with your medical professionals to give them an in-depth view of progress.


  • Sensors platform - HR, HRV, SpO2, GSR, temperature
  • AI enhanced microprocessor
  • Silicone Strap and Case
  • Bluetooth communication with a mobile app

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