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Tiueco: 100% Pure Titanium Filtered Straw

Tiueco: 100% Pure Titanium Filtered Straw

A retractable straw that redefines the everyday – forged from 100% pure titanium with a built-in carbon filter for sustainable drinking. It’s versatility for every beverage, with durability that lasts, making each gulp a smart choice for wellness and the planet.

Safe, Eco-Conscious Hydration on Every Adventure

If you’ve ever wondered how to enjoy a clean, safe sip without contributing to waste, try Tiueco, the perfect companion for your rugged treks, coffee rituals, or daily hydration at home. 

Tiueco ensures every gulp is pure, healthful, and environmentally sound. No more compromising taste or eco-values; Tiueco is here to advance your drinking experience for many years to come.

Pure Titanium, Pure Taste

Tiueco's 100% pure titanium straw sets new standards for what you drink from. Revered for its strength and purity, titanium is a trusted material in the medical field for implants, a testament to its safety and compatibility with the human body. This beacon of non-toxic purity ensures your beverages remain free of harmful heavy metals. 

With Tiueco, the integrity of your drink and your body’s harmony are preserved, offering a crisp, untainted flavor that nature intended.

NSF-Certified Purity in Your Pocket

Tiueco straw features an advanced NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)-certified activated carbon filter. It masterfully removes contaminants as small as 1 micron and delivers an impressive 200-liter lifespan of pure, safe drinking water. 

Whether you're drawing water from a remote lake or your kitchen faucet, Tiueco guarantees a pristine taste. Rely on the NSF certification—your assurance of meeting rigorous health and safety standards.

Unmatched Portability for Every Beverage Encounter

Tiueco redefines convenience with its ultra-light, 22g straw, designed for effortless portability. It's the ideal companion for active lifestyles and cozy home settings alike, sliding into any cup type with ease. Savor the structural benefits that bring versatile, trouble-free enjoyment to every sip, whether it’s your invigorating morning coffee or relaxing evening tea

The Master of Multi-Beverage Filtration

With its replaceable filter elements, this is more than just a straw – Tiueco is a versatile tool tailored to a variety of beverages. Enjoy the robust flavors of freshly ground coffee, the delicate nuances of tea, and the vibrant zest of juices. Each filter is crafted to ensure that no matter the drink, the essence and purity are in perfect harmony. 


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