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Tomsen: The Simple Alternative to Skies

Tomsen: The Simple Alternative to Skies

The Radical New Way to Hit the Slopes

Everyone Can Snowskate

Tomsen Snowskates are designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. The comfortable padding makes snowskating very easy on the knees, and doesn’t wear you out. Beginners love them because they are so easy to pick up and pros love them because of the insane amount of control they offer on the slopes.

Everyone Can Snowskate

Snowskates - Where Skates Meet Snow

It is as simple as it sounds - it is a skate for snow. Just strap them on and you are ready to start gliding downhill. Tomsen Snowskates are a complete package that requires no extra equipment. They are lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, so you have the freedom to snowskate and walk without needing to change.

Fun On Day One

If you know how to skate, you know how to snowskate. They take minutes to learn and hours to master. They are easy to slip on and get right into the action - you don’t need an entire training course to start.

Snowskating - The New Winter Sport for Everyone

Snowskating is the fun and accessible way to make the most of your next winter trip without needing extra equipment or lessons. Tomsen Snowskates bring the freedom and simplicity of ice skating to snow. Glide across any white slope, perform tricks, and maneuver with ease - right from the get-go.

Designed in Norway Made in the EU

Tomsen’s commitment to quality is unmatched. We designed our snowskates with the latest materials to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable.


  • Weight: 3,5-5 kg / 7.7-11lbs (depending on size)
  • Material: PU (Polyurethane), PA (Polyamide Nylon)
  • Material Extensions: aluminum, steel, and leather.

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