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Tree Tabby: Protective Tablet Holder for Cat Trees

Cats love watching TV, and doing so provides them with essential mental stimulation! The Tree Tabby lets cats watch bird videos conveniently on their favorite cat tree. It protects your device, so you never have to worry about your cat scratching your TV or computer screen.

The Tree Tabby

A game changer in pet tech and feline fun!

Features and Benefits

Why does your home need a Tree Tabby? Let's take a look!

Device Protection

The Tree Tabby's durable acrylic cover keeps your valuable electronics safe from sharp kitty claws, and the sturdy steel base holds it in place.

Mental Stimulation

"Cat TV" - whether watching a bird feeder outside a window, or watching squirrel videos on YouTube - provides essential mental stimulation for your cat.

Fits Your Cat Tree

The Tree Tabby seamlessly integrates into most cat trees. It works on all traditional styles, plus many atypical ones as well.


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