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Tricorder.Zero: 7-Sensor Health & Fitness Tracker

Tricorder.Zero: 7-Sensor Health & Fitness Tracker

With seven accurate sensors, medication tracking, and the ability to send your data to a health provider and/or fitness trainer, Tricorder.Zero™ is a portable, wireless, pocket-sized health & fitness tracker that allows more comprehensive holistic data tracking than ever before.

A New Dimension in Telehealth & Telefitness 

Save time, money, and energy on unnecessary in-person provider and trainer visits. Tricorder.Zero™ takes telehealth & telefitness, when you need them, to a new level. It allows you the option to remotely send your real-time data to your health provider or fitness trainer, so they can evaluate you holistically and provide you with informed recommendations based on both your subjective statements and objective data. 

No more guessing and partial recommendations by your provider or trainer!

Always One Step Ahead

Don't wait for your health to take a turn. Tricorder.Zero™’s AI-enabled “security system for the body” alerts you when single-sensor data indicates readings outside the norm, so you know when to seek a licensed expert’s opinion.

Secure Health & Fitness Record Storage

If you wish, Tricorder.Zero™ can bring all of your health information together into one end-to-end secure location, so you can choose to give providers and trainers access to an up-to-date record of your health & fitness journey.

Medication Tracking

Keeping track of your medications can be difficult, especially when you’re taking more than one type. Tricorder.Zero™ provides the assurance of consistent reminders. Its built-in medication tracking feature helps you stay on top of your medication, so you’ll never miss a dose.

Tricorder.Zero™ is easy to use!

  • Turn it on.
  • Take a "Full Scan" (7 sensors) or use 1 at a time.
  • Start measuring. 


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 6.33x2.82x1.25 in (16x7.1x3.1 cm)


10 oz (0.28 kg)

Battery and charging

6-hour battery life, 3-hour charging time


Plastic exterior shell, stainless steel and plastic sensor pads


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