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TripFit- the Gym that fits in your Carry-On

TripFit- the Gym that fits in your Carry-On

Are you tired of compromising your fitness routine while traveling? Bring your fitness routine with you and simulate 99% of gym machines wherever you go.


Designed to fit right into your travel bag.

This lightweight and compact kit brings the gym to you. Mimic weight machines in your comfort zone and continue your fitness routines without the hassle, anywhere at any time.

No excuse to loose your routine.

Don't let travels or a busy workday hinder you from maintaining your fitness routine. 

TripFit delivers a routine after your schedule.

The TripFit App

The TripFit app outlines how to use TripFit to replace your gym routine, mimic weight machines and get the best full-body workout in.


Get access to a variety of live classes from yoga to HIIT and always have new workouts to explore.

This is just the beginning.

We have big plans for out App. Experience not only live and on-demand classes but also workshop and speeches by experts in their league.

But what's inside?

Want to know the purpose behind each TripFit items? Keep scrolling! 

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