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Tristo: The Dog Training Game-changer

Tristo: The Dog Training Game-changer

Wasting time fumbling for treats from your pouch while juggling a clicker can make your dog’s training ineffective. Meet Tristo, the world’s first wrist-worn treat dispenser that instantly shoots treats to your hand and clicks at the same time - mark and reward your dog with just a gentle press!

Treats On Your Wrist

Tristo's groundbreaking design keeps your dog's treats on your wrist and easily dispenses them as you train your dog. No more repetitive opening, closing and squeezing your hand. All you need to do is fold your finger to press the handle and you've got a treat in your hand. It's lightweight and compact - so you'll almost forget it's on your wrist.

Dog Mark & Reward In An Instant

Make training your pup a simple and rewarding experience with Tristo! This innovative device makes it easy to reward good behavior quickly. Just strap it around your wrist, press down, and get an instant treat in one hand while making a clicking sound to mark your dog’s behavior. Let’s make this exciting learning journey easier for pet lovers everywhere together!!

Same-hand Activation: Keeps Your Hands Free

Reward your pup with Tristo, the world's first same-hand activation treat dispenser! No more juggling clickers and treats - this revolutionary patented device fits on one hand, giving you complete freedom to reward good behavior. Simply press down on the handle to trigger a click for marking your dog's behavior and drop a tasty treat right into your hand at the same time - allowing you to mark & reward your dog’s behavior in one action with a single device - no need for pouches and clickers.

Snatching Treats Is A No With Tristo

When the treats in your pouch just lay there, dogs can't resist the temptation to snatch them. With Tristo, they can't do that. The treats are securely sealed inside Tristo's rigid enclosure, so no dog can snatch treats from it. No treats are out unless you press the handle.

No More Sticky, Dirty Hands

With Tristo, treats fall right into the palm of your hand, so you barely come into contact with them and your hand stays clean. No more squeezing your hand into a sticky pile of treats.

Every Treat Counts

With Tristo, you don't have to worry about treats spilling out when you walk, bend, and play with your dog. You don’t need to repetitively open it to get a treat and then remember to close it. The treats are always safely enclosed inside Tristo even while you’re using it.


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