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VIRGO: World’s Safest Bicycle Helmet

VIRGO: World’s Safest Bicycle Helmet

Meet the cycling helmet of the future — designed for electric two-wheelers, providing the ultimate balance of safety and comfort.

Stay Safe in Style

Whether you ride an e-bike or regular commuter bike, VIRGO’s unique design combines lightness, optimal airflow, and complete protection of the face in case of a frontal crash.

Forget It’s On Your Head

No need to choose between lightweight or protective! Made of a polycarbonate shell with a protective layer of EPS, VIRGO is lightweight while maintaining optimal protection. So you can ride and maneuver comfortably — with the protection of a motorcycle helmet, and the lightness of a bicycle helmet.

Be Visible in the Dark

Traditional tail lights are easily obstructed by bags or clothing while riding. VIRGO comes with a rear LED light strategically positioned at the back of the helmet, so that you're always seen and never hidden away from view!

Optimal Brain Protection with MIPS

Brain accidents are caused not only by direct impacts on the head, but also by rotational forces. VIRGO comes with a built-in MIPS low-friction layer, which absorbs rotational and lateral forces upon impact, and redirects them away from the brain — minimizing risks of brain damage.

Designed for high speeds

VIRGO helmet is designed to fit the safety needs of electric bikes and speed bikes. We designed it around the new European regulation NTA-8776, which is made for high speeds up to 45 km/h (28mp/h). It also complies with regular bike certifications EN 1078 / CPSC.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Helmet (incl. visor & tail light)
  • 1x Protective fabric bag
  • 3x Fabric paddings


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