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Vitaloop Filtration Bottle: Clean Water. Anywhere

Vitaloop Filtration Bottle: Clean Water. Anywhere

Turn any water drinkable! The first ever tech-advanced water bottle with graphene and bromine purification. Enjoy up to 0.5 l of safe, fresh, and purified drinking water in less than 45 seconds, no matter where your adventures take you.

Enjoy safe drinking water straight from any source

Whether you're embarking on an epic hike or engaging in outdoor adventures, Vitaloop ensures a continuous supply of clean water, empowering you to explore with confidence. 

Featuring the newest NanoFlow 5-step filtration technology, Vitaloop is the world's first water bottle that delivers you up to 13 gallons (~50 liters) of drinking water per charge created from any water source you might have access to.

Effortless One-Touch Operation

Simply press the button, and watch as water seamlessly flows from the flexible tank, passing through our cutting-edge NanoFlow™ filter, and effortlessly fills up your bottle. In under 45 seconds, you will end up with pure drinking water.

DUALLOOP™ Water Separation System

In your quest for clean and safe hydration, we understand the paramount importance of keeping dirty and clean water completely isolated through a special inlet. That's why we've engineered our DUALLOOP™ system, ensuring a watertight barrier between the two. With this innovative technology, you can drink with confidence.

Powerful Battery, Rugged Durability

Vitaloop water filter is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, capable of filtering up to a remarkable 13 gallons or 50 liters of water on a single charge. That's enough to sustain you on an epic 3-week hike adventure!

Lightening Your Load, Ensuring Your Hydration

Lugging around four to five liters a day for a 4-day hike means hauling a hefty load. That is unless you've got a Vitaloop by your side. With our 500-gram bottle, you can provide all the water you and your group need. It's a game-changer for adventurers like you. 


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