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1969 - The Original Gangster gets an electric spin

1969 - The Original Gangster gets an electric spin

Featuring a classic vintage design, our electric motorcycle offers a ride in style, saves money, all the while protecting our planet. Zero-emission, no fuel costs, no maintenance, just pure riding pleasure with a timeless aesthetic.

Retro 1969: Old School Look, New School Tech

With automatic operation and multiple riding modes  - Eco, Sport, and Reverse - you can select your preferred pace and enjoy a smooth, efficient ride every time.

Embracing the Vintage Feel

Riding a bike with this iconic vintage look isn't just about transportation; it's a visceral connection to the past that ignites a sense of adventure and nostalgia in the rider. 

With every twist of the throttle, the rider is transported to an era of counterculture and individualism, where the open road was a canvas for self-expression and exploration.


It's more than just a bike; it's a time machine, a symbol of freedom, and an embodiment of the timeless allure of 1969.

Zero Emission, Zero Hassle

VLEKTRA is a revolutionary electric motorcycle that combines style, performance, and sustainability. 

No Clutch or Gear

No clutch or gears. Easy to ride. Simply turn the throttle, and it's ready to go.

Environment Friendly

No sound or vibration, no pollution. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

No Fuel

Say goodbye to fuel costs. No more trips to the gasoline station; charge at home at your convenience.

No Maintenance

No engine oil, air filter, or spark plugs. Requires zero to minimum maintenance.

Charge it anywhere

Its regular charger can be used on any three-point electricity point, at home or at work. It is smart and does not allow over charging and also protects from electricity fluctuations.  

Responsible Consumption, Environment Conservation

VLEKTRA's electric motorcycles, with their zero tailpipe emissions and minimal operating costs, are pivotal in fostering a greener planet. 

VLEKTRA's commitment to sustainability extends to its advanced features like real-time battery health monitoring and carbon savings tracking, making every ride an eco-conscious choice.


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